Cellular Shades for Kids

Cellular Shades for Kids

When considering window treatments for your child's room, think of cellular shades for kids from Avantgarde-windows first. The benefits go on and on starting with the fun, vibrant color choices we carry. Grapey-purple, fire engine-red, grassy-green, or even cool print designs -- whatever color scheme your child prefers, we have the cellular shades for kids to match. Another element is the safety factor. Our cellular shades for kids are motorized shades. This feature not only eliminates dangerous cords, but also makes them easy for parents and children alike to operate. As for your living room, the best choice of curtains will be original natural solar shades for making your rest more comfortable.

The feature you might most appreciate about our cellular shades for kids, however, is the energy efficient construction. Cellular shades in general are effective for light and privacy control but, by design, they are extra-efficient at sound and temperature control, too. They are constructed with a double wall and a network of honeycomb-like "cells" between the front and back pieces. This extra space acts as a buffer, not only blocking out noise, but also insulating your child's room to keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It's this handy characteristic of cellular shades for kids that makes them the ideal choice when decorating a child's room, and that's why we carry an entire line especially for kids at Avantgarde-windows.com.

At Avantgarde-windows, we love giving you choices, but we also know that can make it difficult to pick the right window treatments. That's why our professional design team is at your service any time, and a consultation won't even affect your window treatments cost. Window Store designers consult with you free of charge to pick the perfect window coverings and create the unique look you want. We'll even provide a free estimate. Exceptional and affordable custom window treatments and outstanding customer service: you get it all at Avantgarde-windows.com.

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