Woven Shades

Woven Shades

Go natural with your home decor when you choose woven shades from Avantgarde-windows. This unique window treatments design is a decided departure from typical fabric shades. The construction is ingenious, intertwining fabulous artificial organic materials including bamboo, reeds and grasses. The result is a natural, earthy feel that infuses the decor of any room with texture. Yes, we do mean any room -- these shades are terrific window treatments for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, too.  If you have been looking for window treatments ideas that aren't run-of-the-mill, you will love the woven shades you find at Avantgarde-windows.com.  

Just as with most of the shades Avantgarde-windows carries, you have a lot of options with woven shades. Want to increase the light control? It's easy to do by lining the shades with fabric of varying weight so that our woven shades can even be used for any level of light control including  blackout shades. Do you prefer that your shades roll down from the top, or up from the bottom? You can choose either or both operation options. Avantgarde-windows can also automate them so that your woven shades are motorized shades. This eliminates those pesky cords, making them safe as well as ultra-easy to open and close. To emphasize the design of your room, you can use the printed shades with wonderful design that we offer on our site

At Avantgarde-windows, we love giving you choices, but we also know that can make it difficult to pick the right window treatments. That's why our professional design team is at your service any time, and a consultation won't even affect your window treatments cost.Avantgarde-windows designers consult with you free of charge to pick the perfect window coverings and create the unique look you want. We'll even provide a free estimate.  Exceptional and affordable custom window treatments and outstanding customer service: you get it all at Avantgarde-windows.com.

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