Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

The really terrific thing about sheer curtains is their versatility. They are ideal window treatments for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms or any other room in your home. Use them alone to diffuse light and blur the view in from outside, or pair them with heavier drapes, shades or blinds to add a soft touch while gaining even more light and privacy control. Teaming up sheer curtains together with other window treatments is a favorite interior design technique at Avantgarde-windows and is just one of many window treatments ideas you will find on our site.

When you come to Avantgarde-windows for sheer curtains, you will have more options than anywhere else. We offer sheer panels in a selection of colors and you can even choose between different levels of translucence from sheer curtains that offer the whispiest hint of a filmy, gossamer barrier to semi-sheer, more effective at blocking the view and muting outside light. For those partial to patterns on window treatments NY customers love the embroidered sheers from the Window Store. These embellished draperies show just how versatile sheer curtains can be, taking sheer curtains up a step by giving them a unique look while still providing a soft effect for your interior decor.

At Avantgarde-windows, we love giving you choices, but we also know that can make it difficult to choose the right window treatments, for example, you want to choose custom motorized curtains. That's why our professional design team is at your service any time, and a consultation won't even affect your window treatments cost.Avantgarde-windows.com designers consult with you free of charge to pick the perfect window coverings and create the unique look you want. We'll even provide a free estimate.  Exceptional and affordable custom window treatments and outstanding customer service: you get it all at Avantgarde-windows.com.

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