Blackout Drapes

Blackout Drapes

When it comes to window treatments for bedrooms, few are as useful as blackout drapes. Of the many benefits these specialty window treatments offer, the first and most obvious are the blackout feature. This allows you to block out bright sunlight or even the glow of an unfortunately placed streetlamp to create a dark atmosphere suitable for a restful slumber. The blackout window treatments design also give you complete privacy from the outside world, blocking out noise and the view from prying eyes when you need to. These features also make blackout drapes the logical and ideal choice for media rooms, too. When you come to Avantgarde-windows for blackout drapes or any of our other custom window coverings, you'll find a large choice of solids, prints and patterns to ensure a perfect match with your room's decor.

If you're leaning toward blackout drapes as your window covering of choice for any room in your home, remember that the inherent weight of the drapes themselves make them natural energy savers. They hold in heat and block out the cold during chilly winter months, and work in reverse, blocking out the heat and retaining cool comfortable air during the summer. Besides saving energy and cutting your utility costs, the light-blocking aspect of blackout drapes also saves your carpeting, upholstery and wall coverings from UV damage.

At Avantgarde-windows, we love giving you choices, but we also know that can make it difficult to pick the right window treatments. That's why our professional design team is at your service any time, and a consultation won't even affect your window treatments cost.Avantgarde-windows designers consult with you free of charge to pick the perfect window coverings, for example, various fold curtains, and create the unique look you want. We'll even provide a free estimate.  Exceptional and affordable custom window treatments and outstanding customer service: you get it all at Avantgarde-windows.com.

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