Mini Blinds

Mini Blinds

Basic and practical is the way mini blinds are typically described. It's true that they're among the most functional of window treatments blinds on the market. However, when you come to Avantgarde-windows for mini blinds, you may see them in a whole new light. Our mini blinds are the versatile window treatments NY customers find useful for both home and office. One popular reason is that they work well on their own in a business setting, but it's easy to dress them up to make a stylish statement in a bedroom, kitchen or living room.

Just like all of the window treatments you'll find at Avantgarde-windows, our mini blinds come in an array of decorator colors to work impeccably with any color scheme in any decor. Use them with drapes, a valance or even both to alter the look from basic and all-business to traditional or sophisticated. Of course, being mini blinds, the slat sizes are smaller than their larger counterparts, but you'll find the size choices, from 1/2-inch up to 2 inches, will suit almost any room and will do a superb job at controlling privacy and light. Additionally, whether you choose aluminum or vinyl slats for your mini blinds, you'll find cleaning and maintaining these functional window treatments to be almost effortless. You can choose whatever blinds you like on website of Windows Fashion.

At Avantgarde-windows, we love giving you choices, but we also know that can make it difficult to pick the right window treatments. That's why our professional design team is at your service any time, and a consultation won't even affect your window treatments cost. Window Store designers consult with you free of charge to pick the perfect window coverings and create the unique look you want. We'll even provide a free estimate. Exceptional and affordable custom window treatments and outstanding customer service: you get it all at Avantgarde-windows.com.

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