Mounting options of window coverings

The curtains can be mounted in various ways. One or another mounting option of curtains to the eaves often gives them attractiveness and impressive style accent.

The most widespread and most traditional method requires using decorative rings sewn to the top of coverings or hooked with clips. The rings are usually made of wood, brass, wrought iron, plastic - a material should be selected in accordance with the cornice. This option is one of the easiest ways of mounting curtains, which does not require pretreatment of the curtains top, except tucking. Their main advantage is that they are easy to slide over the eaves. Modern technology offers special silent rings with a Teflon coating. Blind moves along the eaves free and absolutely silent - ideal for a child's room or a cozy bedroom.

The curtains can also be mounted by using special hooks. Moreover, this accessory allows do without the eaves. They can be simply attached to the ceiling and light shades are threaded on them. Such mounting are used in modern interiors in the style of hi-tech, minimalist, avant-garde.

Another common way - the tape with readymade loops are sewn on the underside of curtains that make it easy to move them along the eaves. This method is suitable for virtually any window coverings, regardless of density and color of tissue from which they are sewn.

Grommets are also very popular in contemporary variants of curtains; they represent metal, wood or plastic rings at the top of curtains, which run through the cornice. Sometimes they serve as decorations around the curtai cloth. Holes made with the help of a special device, which works as a press, and usually is sold together with rings. They are mostly used for sheers and draperies.

Loops are no less attractive for curtains mounting. Loops can be sewn directly to the curtains, attached with buttons on the front side or on Velcro, or use loops on drawstrings. They can be snapped as fancy bows or knots leaving the ends pull-down - so they will serve as a window decoration. Curtains on loops (tab top curtains) would be looking great in a child's room, the bedroom, as well as in the interior of a country house. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to move along the eaves, as cloth strips slide badly. In order to make curtains moving better along the eaves, the special plastic arcs are glued inside of cloth strips.

And, perhaps, rod pocket curtains are the example of the easiest way of mounting curtains on the cornice. It is enough to thread thin metal cornice into stitched folded upper edge of curtains.

Thus, mounting the curtains to the eaves is a matter of taste and imagination. But as any element of the decor, the mounting option should be in keeping with the overall style of the room - classical, romantic or modern. Read our blog at windowsinfashion.com where you will find different ideas for decoration of your windows.