Advantages of motorized window treatments

Last time we were talking about the best methods of caring for Curtains. Today we will tell you about the advantages of motorized window treatments.

Spring is coming. This is the season when homeowners are planning house improvements and renovations to fulfill their houses with fresh colors and imply theirs interior design ideas. But what makes any interior project complete? Off course, window coverings!

Modern market proposes numerous of Solar controlling solutions. Among them are different kinds of drapes, curtains, shades and other window treatments. But today we will talk about blinds which could significantly increase level of Solar protection of any room in a house. You could find wide variety of blinds configurations that are suitable for both home and office premises. You could choose among vertical and horizontal blinds, roller and pleated blinds. All of them will help you to protect the room from sunlight at summer.

Usually window coverings could be opened, closed and adjusted manually, But today people prefer ordering exclusive remotely-controlled blinds because push one or two buttons is enough to make adjustments to the position of window coverings. Therefore, you can control the amount of light that enters the room without making any physical efforts.

And for the laziest ones ;) For some kinds of window treatments it is possible to set up time when window treatments would be adjusted automatically. Furthermore, some modern motorized shutters and other window coverings equipped with special sensors, which adjust themselves automatically. All settings depend on the intensity of sunlight, and can adjust the amount of light without the participation of householder. Remote control allows also to manipulate a group of several blinds synchronously.

Motorized window treatments would be a perfect replacement to classic interior curtains and drapes. Also a horizontal or roller blinds, attached directly to the window frame would be a perfect addition to bay window.

Comfort, ease of use, saving your time - that's what the main advantages of motorized window treatments at your house or office. Highly-professional consultants of Avantgarde Windows company are ready to provide you with all the necessary information about different types of motorized window treatments and their technical characteristics. Read our blog to find out more information and interesting facts about window treatments in New York City (Manhattan).