How to Care for Curtains

Last time you found out how to change visually the size of a window, using proper window treatment. In this article we will tell you how to care for window coverings.

When the long and exciting process of window coverings searching is finally finished and all windows in a house are dressed well, the next question to solve is "How to clean, wash and dry curtains?”. And today we will give an answer to this question.

It's easy!

Firstly, you should forget everything you’ve ever read and every advice you’ve heard about cleaning and washing curtains. Usually this is a huge amount of information which is not often correct due to constant changes in fabrics from which curtains are made. Some people may say that to clean curtains, you should ventilate them on a windy day for several hours, vacuum them or use chemical stain remover.

Following such "good advices” could make even worse and on practice things are much simpler.

The easiest and probably the best way is to contact curtain cleaning service. If you don’t have such possibility, you could follow our advices.

All modern curtain fabrics usually are divided into:

  • natural (linen, cotton, silk, wool);
  • mixed (e.g. flax + polyester);
  • synthetic (e.g. polyester).

Determine the fabrics of your curtains and choose one of the variants which you could see below.

For natural fabrics

100% natural fabrics (especially velvet or silk) it is possible to wash in laundry machine using mode for delicate fabrics (off course, using special washing powder for natural fabrics). Before washing, remove all accessories. But for the curtains made from natural fabrics it is better to use professional curtain cleaning service.

For mixed fabrics

If curtains made of mixed fabrics, you should look at the label where you could find all the necessary washing recommendations. Usually you could choose between a dry cleaning and machine wash in delicate cycle (water temperature – 30 degrees, 500 rpm). Wash during 30-40 minutes.

For synthetic fabrics

The majority of modern fabrics usually made of synthetic fabrics. Usually there are no special restrictions for washing at home, using almost any kind of washing powder.

Simply remove installed window treatments from the drapery rod and put it in your laundry machine. Set a delicate wash cycle. It is important to ensure that the curtains are rinsed. Unless do so, leftovers of the powder may provoke the destruction or fading of the fabric fibers (especially under the sun rays). When the cycle is complete, it is better to iron WET curtains (remember that the iron should be COLD) and immediately hang them on the drapery rod.

If you are not sure if you can wash curtains safely by yourself, Avantgarde Windows recommends you to use professional curtain cleaning service!