Some useful tips about color of curtains

Today we will give you some useful information about using different colors in window coverings.

White curtains. They visually expand space, but pure white color looks a few aggressive, so it is a good idea to dilute with pink, beige, coffee colors etc. The combination of colors you can pick up on your taste.


Yellow curtains. Bright shades of this color also expand the space and contribute to increasing efficiency. Therefore, yellow curtains are particularly relevant in the office or living room, as well as in the children's room with windows to the north. The yellow color combines well with green, white and blue.

Green curtains. This color is considered a classic for living room, but it is appropriate to frame the windows in the dining room and bedrooms. You will appreciate its calming effect.


Turquoise curtains. Very fashionable color, but requires a careful attitude. Bright turquoise appropriate for curtains in the living room with expensive furnishings, and muted shades of this color will enliven the children's room. If you are not sure that an active turquoise harmoniously fit into your interior, use this color as a light accent. You can even use it in combination with gold.

Light blue curtains. They are able to create a soft, pleasant, calming atmosphere and therefore are good for the bedroom. Optionally you can dilute the blue haze with pillows and paintings of warm colors.


Blue curtains. Color is widely used in the interior. It gives peace, helps to relax, creating the effect of "cool" and even light twilight. Good in combination with white. But if you do not like cool in the interior, soften it with shades of yellow or beige colors.


Red curtains. In pure form, this color is considered to be too bright and therefore hardly ever used. Couse depressing effect on the subconscious mind, visually reduces the room. But the warm shades of red transform and ennoble your living room. Light curtains of red organza emphasize the beauty of natural wood furniture in the bedroom.

Orange curtains. "Freshening" effect of this color is well known. Orange curtains would be appropriate in the nursery, living room and dining room. The most fashionable shade of orange is terracotta. It looks stylish and noble, so it is worth to look at.


Keep in mind that well-chosen color of curtains can transform the most modest interior. More interesting ideas for decoration of your home with different window coverings you will find in our blog at avantgarde-windows.com!