The color scheme of curtains and the type of rooms

The palette of colors is fraught with almost unlimited possibilities. You want to make your small kitchen seems bigger and very spacious living room a little less? It is quite real. It is necessary to choose the right color of curtains.

If you have "too big" living room, easily solve the problem of purple, red or yellow. Curtains in warm colors visually enhance the window and how to approach it. Cool colors, on the contrary, will create the effect of a spacious room. Therefore for a small kitchen is better to choose blue, pearl, pale green or lavender curtains.

Each room should have its own color of curtains

In the living room is allowed any color of curtains, but they should be in harmony with the general background. Do not be afraid to experiment and do not restrict the flight of your imagination. Then, the result may even exceed your expectations, and you will experience the joy and the pride each time entering the living room

Curtains of soft, pleasant colors are more appropriate in the bedroom. Green, subdued navy blue, cream- gray or pearl will help to relax and provide a good night's sleep. If this seems to you a bedroom a few insipid, the bright accessories will revive overall palette.

Curtains for the kitchen, as we said, are designed not only to revive and decorate the room but also to visually enlarge it. When choosing the color of curtains it is necessary to take into account the style of the interior of your kitchen. For the "country" - bright fabric in pastel stripes, square or bright floral patterns. For the "high tech" with its rigor and conciseness – fabriс of cool colors. Classic style allows both plain curtains, as well as two or three colors. The main thing is window covering should provide good access of light in the room.

The color scheme of curtains and color combinations

Сhoosing the curtains, remember that you will see them all the time, perhaps for several years. So, the color should be pleasant for you and cause your positive emotions, no matter what the fashion dictated. These considerations should be in the first place. Having defined the favorite color, go to the selection of its shade depending on the design of a particular building.

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