Some tips for choosing the color of curtains

Curtains, perhaps, are the most beloved and traditional element of decor. They can easily cope with any task. Make your home more light, or vice versa, will hide from the sun and weather. Can expand the space visually, and can give the interior a feeling of intimacy and special comfort.

How not to be mistaken with the color? If you do not quite trust your own taste, be guided by the generally accepted rules. You can trust your taste and make all on your own way. However, if you are not confident in own taste or in what it may turn out as a result of your courageous decision, before start working, you should know some simple rules and tips that will surely come in handy.


Rules when choosing the color of curtains:

1.    The most common option - the curtains should match the furniture. But if you choose curtains to the color of the walls, remember their shade should be lighter (or darker) the wall to merge and accentuate each other. This way the result will certainly not disappoint you.


2.    The clear choice is when the curtains match the color of the largest and most prominent piece of furniture, whether it is a massive favorite sofa or carpet. In the bedroom, you can focus on the beautiful bedspread or canopy over the bed. In the kitchen, a decisive role in choosing the color of curtains plays cupboards facades.


3.    Neutral option. It is very convenient because the curtains of sand, cream or beige colors are always in fashion and fit perfectly into the interior of any style, despite any changes you have started. Calmness and comfort are guaranteed.


4.    To add color to neutral curtains, and therefore make them brighter and more visible, you can use the lambrequin, draperies, or edging, using tones of some interior elements. This finishing can be not only monochrome, but also multi-colored.


5.    The main focus on the window. Perhaps you have something the interior of your home or any of the rooms you are not satisfied with. In this case, bright window decorations will help to make existing deficiencies less noticeable. Avoid monochromatic curtains. Let them be checkered, striped, with an unusual print.


6.    Monochrome interior does not mean that the curtains should be in exactly the same color of the walls, furniture, carpets, curtains and other things. The decoration of your window should be just like hue. Suppose another option: the curtains in two colors, one of which is dominant, and the other - at your discretion. These windows will not merge with the interior.