Curtains on lining: “pros” and “cons”

Very often you can hear the question, is there need to sew the lining for curtains. It is worth discussing in the blog of our website avantgarde-windows.com.

Arguments "for" using the lining for curtains:
•    Curtains on the lining look respectable.
•    There some fabrics with which you absolutely should use lining. For example, silk fibers can be easily destroyed by the sun. After a couple of years, this tissue becomes thin and breaks. Natural velvet also requires lining; otherwise it may burn out on the sun. Many jacquard fabrics have outstretched threads on the reverse side, which should be definitely closed by the lining for you do not accidentally pull them out.
•    Lining is very good for darkening the room. If for a sunlit room you picked up light curtains you can sew them with the special blackout lining. This fabric substantially does not transmit light. You keep the freshness of the interior, but will remove the bright light.
•    Pattern of the fabric is brightly highlighted on the curtains with lining. Otherwise the curtain seems to be more transparent, as well as a pattern "dissolves" in the daytime.
•    It is necessary to put the curtains combined of several tissues on the lining to close the seams.
•    Well-chosen color of the fabric for lining is able to add a new shade or intensify the color, which is already on the main canvas.
•    Curtains on lining become puffier, and folds more voluminous. If you have a thin fabric, such as silk, you should lay a third layer between the fabric and the lining. The effect usually exceeds expectations: pattern is easily visible on the rounded folds and curtains look luxurious.
•    The contrast lining of curtains can be an emphasis in the interior, if you turn the inside edge to the outside.
•    Light and thin lining can be put under light tulle, to close the room from prying eyes.
•    Dense curtains with blackout lining considerably reduce the noise level in the room if the window overlooks the busy street.

Arguments "against":
•    The lining adds to the cost of curtains. This is a basic and sufficiently powerful argument. Therefore, the budgetary interiors rarely seen curtains on lining.
•    The lining makes curtains heavier. If you have a long and thin cornice, the weight of the curtains is of great importance. Then it is better to abandon the lining.
•    The lining makes curtains darker. If the task is to deaden the sunlight, but not to darken the room, the lining will prevent it.

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