How to Properly Care for Your Curtains

Everything in the house requires care, and the curtains are not an exception. It is absolutely no difficult to take care of them. The main thing is to follow some rules. Your curtains will always look nice and neatly, if you regularly wash, iron, ventilate and clean them.

Wash curtains at least once a year, or more often if you see that they become dirty. This can be done in a washing machine only using delicate cycle. Use the press function at a minimum or even turn it off. You should shake, level and hang washed curtains directly on the cornice, then you do not have to iron them, but if you have to – it will be quite a bit. Curtains can be washed by hand. Choose for this type of washing soft and specifically made detergents.

It is important to learn how to properly iron curtains. For this you need a good iron with a perfectly smooth surface of the sole plate.
Ironing program should be selected in accordance with the quality and density of the tissue. To iron curtains you should turn them on the reverse side.
Before you start ironing, find out a fabric the curtains are sewn from. For each material, you need to select the optimum temperature and comply with certain other rules. The stitches on the curtains straighten by the tip of the iron.

Curtains can be cleaned at home. They can be vacuumed or you can just brush away the dust from them using special soft duster. If you decide to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains, use for this purpose a soft head. When you need a deep cleaning of curtains, you can bring them to the dry cleaning services. They will clean more efficiently using special chemicals.
Cornices also need to be cleaned periodically. To do this, use a liquid detergent and a soft brush.
From time to time you should spray around the curtains anti-static agent. It will repel dust from curtains and facilitate their gliding along the eaves.

Fabrics, especially from natural materials and actively absorb the odors. Therefore, you should periodically ventilate the curtains. Especially good to do it in the summer, when a light breeze blows outside. It will provide a flow of air into the room and freshen your curtains. You have just to open the window wider.

The curtains will serve you longer if you ensure the protection from fading in the sun. Especially it concerns the houses with windows looking on sunny side where the direct sun rays fall onto the curtains. For this purpose you should choose more dense tulle.

Such correct, and most importantly, regular care for curtains will allow them always remain beautiful and neat.