What is it better: curtains or blinds?

The variety of different interior styles presented nowadays makes it possible to choose between fabric drapes, curtains, aluminum, plastic or wooden blinds. Before you decide what is best: curtains or blinds, you should consider the features of each option. Let us first consider the advantages of blinds.

Benefits of blinds over curtains

•    With the help of blinds you can adjust the room lighting, choosing the right amount of light turning the slats.
•    Fabric blinds do not take much space and window sill remains free, which cannot be said about curtains.
•    Blinds do not collect dust and dirt and for cleaning enough to use damp sponge or a soft brush.
•    To carry out cleaning or washing of curtains you need to remove them from the eaves, washing, ironing, and then to hang back. It takes a lot of time and effort, but opposed to it the compact and convenient system of blinds can be cleaned directly on the window.
•    Blinds are simple and convenient in use because they can be controlled with one hand.
•    You can use blinds with curtains.
•    Blinds do not interfere with the easy opening of the window in the mode of ventilation, as the system is attached to the flap.
•    Blinds, as opposed to ordinary curtains, do not fade in the sun and do not lose their color over the entire lifetime.
•    The variety of colors, materials and types today makes it possible to properly and harmoniously choose the option for any interior.
•    Blinds - a great option for the office or a modern style interior of an apartment or house. Blinds are particularly relevant for modern or avant-garde style.


Of course, for some styles of interior, the question "what would be the best curtains or blinds” have a definite answer - curtains.

If your apartment is decorated in a classic, country style or eclecticism curtains are the ideal option in terms of the design harmony. The heavy solid drapes or curtains with weightless transparent tulle peeps out are classic for room interiors.

But for the kitchen, toilet or bathroom blinds are considered to be the ideal option, in fact, like for a loggia or a balcony, where space is limited. Since the kitchen and bathroom are rooms with high humidity, the curtains are simply not appropriate for them. So to answer the question, what is better: curtains or blinds, you can so – it depends on the type of room and interior design.

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