How to decorate large non standard windows?

decoration of large windowsNonstandard window openings require individual approach to their decoration. Disproportionate window sizes regarding to total perimeter of the room, its height and area, with the right approach are able to make a room special and unique, and with a bad design - awkward and discordant.

At Avantgarde Windows blog we will consider the two most common options of non standard large windows - very wide and very high. We represent the design options of window treatments for such openings accordingly to the situation.

Wide windows

• Break the basic rule - do not close the window opening by curtains.

Large windows - it is always good. Such openings wonderfully perform their primary function - to transfer a lot of sunlight from outside. If your room is well illuminated, and the window is so wide that you do not know how to decorate it properly, use this method of draping.

Only in this case side bands hanging on both sides of the window are acceptable; fabric draperies should directly cover the part of opening. So you visually reduce the width of the window, and with sufficient illuminating of the room, these small losses will not be reflected on its appearance.

• Make a few vertical lines

Verticals not only add the height (in our case only for benefits - the proportions of the window become more correct visually); they also tend to "break up" the space.

Using several tissue strips equally spaced, you conventionally divide the width of large window on the several parts. This is for sure makes positively effect on the overall perception of the walls and the room in general.

High windows

• Divide the height using the cross-section

If you are not satisfied with the "excessive" height of windows, it can always be reduced visually. Thus, the methods of horizontal division of space, which many designers are so afraid in dealing with walls (due to the ceiling did not look lower), are ideal in this case.

This approach is not standard, but effective. When you work with it you should definitely take into account the quality and aesthetic appearance of the window frame and the wall above the window - the inability to hide the inaccuracy requires a perfect state of repair and a beautiful decoration.

• Gather the fabric like "bishop sleeves"

The name of draping is rather strange, but the associative array will help you to remember this method. It is good for very high windows, which are respectively located in a room with relatively high ceilings. Windows of this kind are often narrow and several openings are located on one wall. Often it is the privilege of the classic interiors.

Try to drape the window in this way with just one grab the approximate shape of a semicircle. It can be designed with a wide ribbon, tassels or other décor elements.