Black out drapes and their main benefits

If a window of your room  overlooks the sunny side or a noisy road, the best option for your apartment will be blackout drapes. Sound insulation factor here is important too. Curtains made of these fabrics are sometimes simply necessary in nursery.

Blackout curtains in the interiorBlackout coverings represent two or three-layer opaque flame retardant fabric with double satin weave, made of 100% polyester. The three-layer fabric is treated with three layers of acrylic foam during its manufacture, and two-layer is treated with double-layer.

The fabric of the three layers has a higher price, and the best sound and thermal insulation properties. Fabrics with two layers is a little easier and, as a rule, used as a lining for sewing drapes. All the layers of fabric are produced by special technology. Each fabric layer is relatively thin, but its density can reach up to 320 grams per square meter.

Blackout fabric on its outward appearances, are not so different from a normal upholstery fabric but it is only at first sight. This fabric does not transmit light by almost 100%. Wherein the blackout fabric does not lose its properties with time during its using. In addition to protect the room from even the brightest sunlight, the dark lighting lanterns and neon advertising signs, the fabric has ability to absorb noise (soundproofing can reach up to 30%). These fabrics are very dense;  it is possible to preserve and maximize the heat in the room. Additional benefits seriously expand the scope of blackout window coverings: manufacture of cloth for mobile and exhibition stands, stage scenery.

Blackout fabric is a clear market leader in the worldwide sales of similar products, which is achieved by its versatility of use, functionality and optimal ratio of price and quality.

Blackout fabrics are easy to care for; it is allowed washing at a temperature of 30 0C. It helps to solve a lot of problems:
  1. Opacity;
  2. Strong and quiet sleep of hotel guests (because sleep loss affects the health, mood and activity of hotel guests);
  3. Protection of the interior (furniture, wallpaper, carpet, etc.) from sunlight;
  4. Savings of heat in winter and protection from the summer heat;
  5. Soundproofing.
Additional benefits of blackout coverings:
  1. Permanent flammability, unchanging over time or as a result of washing and cleaning, as it's not steep;
  2. Сolor stability;
  3. No shrinkage after washing;
  4. Easy to care (washing, cleaning);
  5. Nonsusceptibility to direct sunlight and UV rays (does not fade in the sun);
  6. It is easy to drape;
  7. Due to the smoothness of fiber and high density weave fabric does not accumulate dust, thereby causing no allergic reactions;
  8. Maintains its properties over the entire lifetime.
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