Vertical blinds and their usage in a variety of interiors

Vertical blinds, unlike the horizontal ones, are perceived with greater warmth. The similarity with the classic curtains, versatility and the ability to choose any length of slats made them the most popular option for window decoration of private apartments.

Vertical blindsYou can adjust light and shade moving slats left, right, to the center or away from it,  to experiment with the form of blinds and, ultimately, to change the look and mood of the room.

Owners of small rooms especially like vertical blinds: slats arranged in a special way "stretch" the room, making the ceiling higher and the window wider. In order to avoid resemblance to the boring office, designers combine blinds  with traditional curtains, lambrequins or light tulle. In addition, the form of vertical blinds, entirely dependent on the imagination of the owner, can "adapt" to the peculiarities of the window: for example, there are blinds in the form of a semi-circle, bevel, or zigzag wave.

And that is not all, what may surprise the consumer in vertical blinds. Recently appeared on the market so-called multifacture model combines several different materials: plastic, fabric, wood and aluminum, bamboo and paper straw. Numerous combinations allow to create on "canvas" of these blinds designs or drawings that can develop a professional artist or you themselves.

For living and studying rooms are designed special options with tight, dirt-repellant lamellae that are almost do not fade in the sun.

Enough new and very stylish are bamboo straws or paper imitating bamboo. This model looks good in the concept of oriental style or country style. A spicy mix of authentic material and modern forms add "flavor" even in the most habitual atmosphere.

Available models of aluminum and plastic also find their application. One should not think that the material determines the final style of product: an abundance of colors, shapes and sizes made "office" blinds interesting accessory for bathrooms, bedrooms and nurseries. Often, plastic and aluminum have high opacity, which provides a relaxing rest. In addition, vertical blinds of these materials are sterile, easy to clean and reliable.  Fabric blinds, for example, need more care: dry cleaning is recommended for them. Heavily soiled areas can be cleaned with a cloth wetted in soapy water.

Finally, for vertical blinds made of any material, it is important to remember that it is not necessary to pull the chain sharply to open, as well as trying to move the slats in the position "closed". These actions are able to "wear out" your blinds and quickly deprive them of efficiency.