Roller shades will decorate any window!

The truth is born in a dispute. This well-known postulate justified itself, even in the field of design. So, a kind of rivalry between the traditional fabric curtains and unpretentious modern shades led to a new version that combines comfort and practicality. Name of the invention is roller shades. Roller shades represent a single cloth of a smooth material,  which covers the entire area of the window, and if necessary, rolled up upwards.

Roller shades for windows

In manufacturing of this type of shades is used the most different kinds of fabric: embroidered and smooth, with bright prints, or almost transparent. Sometimes designers add decorative elements to roller shades - the fringe, braid or brush.

Young apartment owners pay attention to the type of window covering that is made by special order. As a rule, shades with printed photos of a loved one, a nice landscape or reproductions of famous paintings are the most popular.

Material for roller shades is impregnated with special compounds that make fabric antibacterial, anti-dust and resistant to fading. Shades manufacturers offer models with a variety of functions: reflective, diffusing, or even black out. For example, in the bedrooms, living rooms or children’s, if you have a home theater, you should use roller blinds with a special lightproof fabric, which is also used in traditional horizontal and vertical blinds.

Roller blinds are good in combination with a light tulle or organza, as well as the classic blind cloth. Sometimes lambrequin are added to blinds. Especially prevalent this solution in small kitchens where you want to create comfort and to save more space.

Blinds look great in a minimalist interior and anywhere where prevails the oriental style. Simplicity and brevity of roller shades, look like Japanese panel resembles: units with thematic patterns become an effective accent in the interrior, replacing expensive bamboo products, mats and "ethnic" furniture.

Roller shades recommended for use in the kitchen, where it is often necessary to release the sill, as well as in children's: traditional options with slats are quite fragile, and too active toddler can accidentally spoil them. With this shades it does not happened: in the afternoon, when they are open to the ceiling, the child just does not pay attention to them.

However, the general guidelines do not replace with the individual. When choosing or ordering roller blinds you should consult with an experienced consultant. Knowing the interior features, terms of use blinds and the basic requirements of customers, the specialist will choose the best option and will talk about the intricacies of caring for a particular model. We will be glad to help you to choose perfect roller shades for your room that are presented at Avantgarde Windows Company.