Roman shades - a stylish element of your interior

Curtains is a necessary part of any apartment decor. But, like most of the variety options that can decorate the interior, they have their own nuances. This applies also to Roman shades,which  has a number of specific features.

Main advantages of Roman shades are:
  • They are the most functional and take a very little space;
  • They do not require large amounts of tissue;
  • They are suitable for almost all possible interiors.

Modern Roman shades come from its original counterpart, which originates in ancient Rome. It was from there the title and the basic principles of design were taken. In those days, only few people was able to buy it, but today most customers available to buy roman blinds in a variety of colors and models.

What are their specific features?

Their peculiarity is that they are able to gather in folds at the top of the window with the lifting mechanism. These shades represent the fabric in which are inserted a special inset in the upper folded edge. The lower edge of the fabric is attached special weighting agent which fixes them in one position. They are installed on the eaves, fitted with lifting mechanisms.

The fabric used for Roman shades, represented in a very wide range. You can use the options in the form of light waves and very dense and heavy modifications that are able securely lock the room  from the sun and wind.

The main difference of Roman shades is an opportunity to rise, which yields a graceful horizontal folds that carried out through variousinserts, as which might be in wooden, metal and fiberglass variation. The design of Roman shases is similar to most Roman atmosphere – it is easy and totally adaptable.

The cost of all models depend on the method of attachment, used type of tissue, as well as color. Pay attention to the prices of curtains presented at Avantgarde Windows site, they are absolutely available and in a big assortment.

Roman shades gained incredible popularity today and make the right choice is a difficult dilemma. But, thanks to the great opportunities you can choose according to their version, even the most demanding tastes, look for all existing types of colors and satisfied with reliable quality.