10 options of window coverings, part 1

It is difficult to imagine the room interior without curtains. Without them the room looks to put it mildly uncomfortable and unfinished. This decorative element can not only protect from sunlight and drafts, to enliven the space, decorating it with its presence, but also smooth out imperfections of window.

We will tell you about 10 options of coverings you can choose for your windows.

1) The curtains in style "cafe"

This type of curtains is relatively young, their name arose because of the place where they are most often used - a bistro or cafe. They are applied for imparting institution home atmosphere. Most often, these short curtain are hung up on cornice in the middle of windows, making upper part open. For their manufacturing requires quite a bit tissue, by the way, it should not be heavy. Floral patterns, animal motifs, the cell - the most common for sewing café curtains, although plain pure white or pastel look great too. If your interior is decorated in the style of Provence, or country - curtains "cafe" will perfect complement it.

2) French curtains

This type of curtains represent a number of individual sections, each of which has a decaying down fat tissue folds along its length. It looks luxurious and elegant. For French curtains is used mainly light and translucent fabric: satin, silk, tulle muslin, moire. They fit perfectly in a classic interior, especially harmoniously will look spacious rooms.

3) Roman blinds

Designers advise to use the Roman blinds in bright interiors, because here they look the most advantageous. In whole, they are designed for those rooms, which are rich on sunny light. Is possible to combine Roman blinds with other subjects of an interior, for example, using the same pattern or color or to combine with traditional curtains.

4) Austrian blinds

They combine the lush folds of French curtains and Roman concise mechanism. Unlike French curtains, these folds occur only when they pull together. The fabric can be used in almost any, but most preferred air translucent textures. As a rule, the Austrian blinds look very harmonious in the living room, bedroom and dining room. If you want a blind to close all window and the bottom edge remains lush, you should choose the length lower windowsill. About the style - the most appropriate they will look in the traditional interiors.

Options of window coverings

5) Ripple fold curtains

For the manufacture of curtains traditionally used thick fabrics that are able to show the richness of the window and protect from light. Particularly relevant, they will look in large rooms. They are the best choice for decorating bedrooms (fit something calm and monotonous) or living room (you can give preference to large pattern).

Another 5 options of window coverings we will tell you in the next article. Visit our catalog and choose the most appropriate window treatments for your home!