Japanese curtains in a modern interior

Japanese curtains will help you to create a modern interior, which are also called Japanese panels or screens. This smooth fabric move around the window. The fabric is not evolved at top and bottom of the product are mounted rigid inserts. Japanese curtains - elegant and at the same time restrained part of the interior, which, depending on the fabric can complement any room, especially decorated in a minimalist style.

For offices, wide hallways, showcases Japanese curtains will also be the perfect option. The story of their creation has its roots in traditional Japanese construction features, as they are the prototype of the shoji, plays the role of doors and screens. Externally, Japanese curtains look like a set of fabric panels, bottom weighted with special straps and attached to the eaves.

They resemble the screen, thus, can be attached to the wall or the ceiling. This is due to the fact that this kind of curtains are used not only for decoration of window space, but also for the effective separation of the indoor areas, because they can be used to distinguish various functions performed by the zone in the same room.

For sewing Japanese curtains can be used in almost any natural or synthetic fabrics, as well as original contemporary materials of bamboo straw, jute and many others, because in the process of creation does not have any difficulties, limiting choice.

As for colors of Japanese curtains, the choice is unlimited, since each cloth is in a separate row, does not form folds and obstructs the other parts. This allows you to implement many design solutions - from classics to original and bold choices. The emphasis is placed not only in a variety of colors, but also on the texture of the fabric, the presence of the pattern.

At one cornice can be used up to ten different fabrics that allows depending on the mood and situation radically change the interior. Beautiful, stylish and elegant will look variations with alternating light and heavy fabrics or cloth "companions". In addition, Japanese curtains on the window, you can naturally complement drapes and decorative elements.

To install the Japanese curtains there are special cornices, which have from two to five channels. Movement along them is carried out manually over a cloth or using a cane or cord. Possibly due to the motorized control system or connection to a system of "smart home".

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