Window coverings for living room

Living room is primarily face of home. Correctly selected curtains in the hall talking about the atmosphere in the family, goodwill, and the overall comfort of the interior. Few people know that it was the design of curtains in the living room affects the overall mood of the whole family. Some psychologists argue that this room need two sets of curtains: summer and winter. Due to the variety of textures and colors of fabric, you can create a personalized decoration of the hall.

It is very important to choose the right curtains for the living room, because they are able to hide all the shortcomings of repairs. Correct and harmonious design of curtains for living room will allow transforming the entire house as a whole.

Window coverings for living roomLet us talk in detail about the selection of fabrics. It is imperative, that the texture of fabrics, colors, drawing, lighting, decoration, size and other living room furniture were combined with each other. One-color fabric of curtains always fit into any interior. The lack of pattern allows blend in with their surroundings. In this case, you need to pick a color that matches with the color scheme of the room. It may not be identical, but must be combined perfectly.

One-color fabrics can be of different texture. For example, with a living room, dominated by quiet pastel tones, looks perfect beige curtains of rough texture. Even the sackcloth ennobles the interior.

If the room is done in Art Nouveau style, it is better to choose curtains of shiny and smooth fabrics, but again, only one-color. Much more difficult to pick up patterned drapes for the room. In this case, the pattern should be combined perfectly with the overall room interior in all parameters. Here take into account the form of pattern, color, scale, wall decoration, furniture elements. If living room area is large, the preference should be given to large patterns, identified on the basis of tissue.

In recent years, designers have been increasingly use multiple fabrics for curtains in the room. In this case, the main thing is properly combine colors, textures. But combine incongruous can only spoil everything. In the selection of curtains in the main room of the apartment or house, you must adhere to basic principles:

  • In the room with pale shades will perfectly fit bright curtains.
  • In a bright room will look perfect monochromatic or light-colored curtains.
  • If the wallpaper has a geometric pattern, you should pick up the curtains with the same design.

Specialists of Avantgarde Windows Company will help you to choose perfect window coverings for your room interior!