Some tips on how upgrade your interior using window coverings

If your intention is to make repairs in an apartment or simply change the interior design, so the question of what curtains to hang on in a modern apartment, be sure gets up in front of you in a short time.

Stylish window coverings at Avantgarde WindowsCurrently, there is a trend in design to use multilayer window coverings. Design concept admits variations with fabrics that allow making dominant any picture. Layering allows you to adjust the level of brightness of the room.

Curtains with lambrequins lightly surrendered their positions today, but only for a little bit. Because only these curtains will give as much solemnity your living room and comfort of the bedroom. At the same time various designs swags in each case give a modern curtains individuality.

Extravagant person will enjoy asymmetrical drapes. They are not trapped in a certain frame of color and decor. The design concept is simple. Roller blinds are most suitable for room decorated in a minimalist style. They look perfect in any kind of apartment.

Currently, it is fashionable to have sheer curtains on the entire facade of the room and an additional part of it, sometimes without windows. Due to its lightness and transparency, they do not affect on the visual perception of room space; it does not reduce unlike heavy curtains of dense material.

Besides knowing the height of the curtains, it is important to define the so-called assembly coefficient (this applies to the curtains with the folds). It determines the number of folds on the curtains.

To calculate this, you need a width of linen divided by the width of the cornice. The lower the ratio, the less will be the future curtain drape of your windows. Designers recommend using curtains with assembly coefficient equal two. The ratio of three is fine for tulle curtains.

Be sure to pay attention to the fabric of the curtains. An important indicator of the quality of the fabric is its shrinkage after washing; otherwise, your disappointment will be immense when you pull out of the washing machine semblance of a large bath towel instead of the beautiful curtains. These "tricks" typical for curtains of cotton, linen, silk.

As for accessories, then you should not buy plastic hooks (fast break down), and metal clips (after a while covered with rust, especially in a room with high humidity). If you buy curtains with eyelets (holes for stringing together the curtains on the ledge), pay attention to their diameter. The holes should have a larger by 1.5 cm diameter, then cornice rod, otherwise it will be difficult to move the curtains.