How to choose curtains for baby's room?

Child's room is different from the interior of any other room in the house, so properly chosen blinds also are important. Baby room should be beautifully and efficiently equipped. Notions of beauty in the adult and the child may be very different, but you should develop good taste of your baby from the first years of life.

Too bright colors, glaring wallpaper in combination with a painted on the wall a huge cartoon character may like at the beginning, and then just annoying. Designers impose this design of a child’s room sometimes, but it is also wrong as a dull gray-brown color range.

Window coverings for babys roomBright furniture, light walls and curtains will make the room more spacious, and increase it visually. Color of curtains should be "solar", warm and happy. They should be in harmony with the other furnishings of the room and be practical.

Roller blinds can also be selected for a child's room, but it is best to choose the classic combination of transparent tulle fabrics and denser curtains. They well passed the necessary light into the room, but also create a light shade for a restful sleep of toddler during a daytime. Opened window is always better to cover with light curtain fabric, and protecting from direct flow of cool air, and the bright sun in the morning.

What fabric to choose for curtains in the nursery?

The children's room should be kept clean, and blinds must often wear off. That is why, the most reasonable choice would be curtains of practical fabrics. Flax, viscose, cotton easily washed, dry quickly, not electrified attracting dust.
Children's room in the style of "Little Princess" looks nice in the brochures.

Multilayer curtains with lambrequins and swags like a canopy over the crib attract attention. However, it is worth thinking about how much dust collected all these fabric drapes. Caring for complex tissue structures of different types of textiles can be quite burdensome. Especially when the child is small, and there is no free time.

Curtains of too expensive fabrics are not suitable for children's room. Children have creative nature, they can draw with markers or paints everything what would get, and curtains will be no exception.

Psychologists believe that surrounded colors and forms must comply with child’s character. Creative types will enjoy bright and saturated colors; for excited and restless kids the best option would be blinds of soft, pastel colors, which could slightly soothe fidget. Abstraction, interesting patterns that can awaken the imagination and creative vision of the world in a small person suit for children with hidden talents.

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