Window treatment ideas for small room

Curtains for a small bedroom must comply with interior of this room. Bright shades and blinds are usually used to furnish compact bedrooms, then curtains should be selected in the same color scheme. In addition, in small rooms a natural color is particularly important, so curtains in a small bedroom should create no barriers to its penetration.

Give up the heavy curtains with ruches and frills. The most beneficial in a small bedroom will look bright shades of fabrics like linen. Light flying tulle has a good look too, giving the interior a lightness and airiness. If you want to protect yourself from bright sunshine, it is better to use additional blinds or shutters. Fabric of curtains should be combined with the rest of textiles in the room. Curtains of cream, chocolate or golden hues will look harmonious too.

Roman shades look impressive in the bedroom. They are easy to use and fit well into the interior, being, in fact, universal. To open the window, you must pull the special cord, resulting the shade will be folded in a beautiful horizontal fold.

Japanese curtains will look amazing too in a minimalist interior of a small bedroom. The main advantage is that they may be of any size, and the fabric therein can be easily replaced.

So, what is worth remembering in the selection of curtains for a small room?

  • If a room is wide and has a low ceiling, you should use curtains with a vertical stripe.
  • If your room is long and narrow, you should choose curtains with horizontal stripes.
  • If the ceiling is low, use the ceiling cornice. The room will seem higher.
  • If the wallpaper is without drawing, the curtains can be patterned.
  • If the wallpaper is patterned, curtains for the room should be monochromatic.
  • If the room is dark, use curtains of transparent thin bright fabrics.
  • Pelmets make the room cozy.
  • If the ceiling is low, pelmet cannot be used; it will seem even lower.
  • Curtains of cold colors blue, gray and others will make the room cooler.
  • If the room is north and cold, use curtains of bright, happy colors: orange, yellow, bright green, of course, choosing the color to the interior.
  • If the room is very small, you can choose white transparent curtains; it will seem more spacious.

Instead of curtains you can also hang tulle blinds. It is now the latest fashion in window treatments.

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