Window treatments for rooms with multple windows

window treatments for rooms with multiple windows

If multiple windows are placed one next to another, you could face a lot of problems when it comes to the process of choosing window treatments blinds, curtains, drapes or shades to dress windows. The main principal that you should follow to decorate a room with multiple windows should be simplicity. With four, five or even more windows in a room it would not be the best idea to choose marvelous window treatments with plenty fabric, because the outlook of curtains or drapes may overwhelm an interior elements of décor in the room (furniture, art elements etc.) you are dressing.


Using this kind of window treatments is one of the best options to decorate a room with multiple windows. The best outlook of window treatments curtains would be in warm neutral colors which would match the main tones of the room you are decorating. You should know that neutral does not usually mean white colors. Curtains painted white seem to be a classic choice. To make your style authentic, interesting and unique, it would be a good idea to use warm yellow, pale blue or creamy-colored window treatments curtains. If you would like to distinguish window treatments in a room with multiple windows, you could use bright-color curtains with marvelous tie backs or colored finials on window treatments rods.


If you would like to create a perfect source of visual interest for a room with multiple windows, you should undoubtedly use drapes. Such decision would give you possibility to gather up different patterns and tones from the elements of interior in the room you are dressing with window treatments. You should take into account that drapery fabrics should fit together with the style of the room in your accommodation. But it is better to avoid too-bright tones in drapes fabrics when decorating room with multiple windows.

Window treatments lengths

Choosing lengths of window treatments is very important process when decorating a room with multiple windows. If window treatments are too long, curtains or drapes will pool on the floor. It might cause some problems, because people could trip. Best family ski resorts near NYC for a winter getaway - http://comfort-ski.com You should remember one rule which will help you with decorating process: it is better to hang window treatments 1-1,5 inches above the floor.

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