About color and fabrics of window coverings

Avantgarde Windows continues the series of publications about choosing different kinds of window treatments window treatments in decorfor any décor. Last time we told you about the advantages of motorized window treatments. Today we will talk about the fabrics, color and using patterned window coverings in any interior design project.

A few advices about the fabric of window coverings

To make any house look perfect and choose the best both fabrics and colors of window treatments, you ought to consider the mood of each room of your accommodation. Want to create formal atmosphere? Then it is better to choose authentic silk or even luxury velvet. But you should consider for the future that both of this fabrics are dry-clean only. Much more practical seem to be such options (washable even in automatic washing machines) like silky rayon blends and cotton sateen. You could also choose among some other kinds of fabrics, like linen (consider that this kind of fabric is also for dry-clean only) or marvelous velvet. High-quality cotton and its different-proportions blends you could use to make almost any type of interior design project complete.

So let’s talk about color

First and probably main thing which you should decide choosing the tone of window treatments is if you pick the drapes, shades, curtains or blinds to mix room interior, or desire them to pop basic interior. Pursuing the first purpose, you should give your preference to the coverings that are very close to the tone of wall in color, but some shades darker. Also it would be a good idea to stop on a neutral color for blinds, curtains or other coverings in the accommodation. Would like to add courage to the outlook of your room? Choose then bold color which will definitely work like some kind of an exclamation point. Off course it should also be taken into account every detail when decorating your house. You could even use some tricks: if the sun shines through window coverings which are unlined, theirs color will fulfill the space of the room. Remember that blue color could be eerie and pink color could be cheery.

Different prints or original patterns on window coverings

It seems to be the easiest one! Here you should remember about a rule of thumb: having furniture (here could also be highly elaborate authentic rug) with different kinds of prints and patterns on it, pick solid curtains, blinds, shades or other coverings. Having monochromatic-colored bedding or furniture it is better to choose patterned window treatments.

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