10 options of window coverings, part 2

In one of our previous articles, we have been talking about the 10 most popular and stylish options of window coverings. There are curtains in "cafe" style, French curtains, Austrian and Roman blinds and Ripple Fold curtains. Today we represent to your attention the following 5 options of amazing decorations for windows.

stylish options for window coverings

6) Color block curtains

These curtains are made of cloth of several colors that forms stylish horizontal blocks, stitched into one amazing painting. We are sure, if you like to work with sewing machine, it does not take much time to make such beauty. They have very impressive look and add an original brightness to the interior.

7) Japanese curtains

They have few names - Japanese curtains, panel curtains, Japanese panels. These curtains are laconic and elegant oriental decoration options for windows, which remind of the folding-screen. Japanese curtains are a system of smooth cloths that are attached to the multilayer eaves. Usually, the panels are made from natural materials (cotton, flax), or they may even be a combination of different textures. Japanese curtains will look great in a minimalist interior at the big wide windows.

8) Bamboo blinds (louvers)

Bamboo blinds are suitable for young children and allergy sufferers, since, they do not collect dust due to its antistatic effect in contrast to the tissue ones. It is very easy to care for them; it is enough to wipewith a wet cloth. You can create beautiful and modern interiors using bamboo curtains.

9) Pinch pleated drapes

These drapes are traditional coverings for houses, but they are quite popular even today. They are pinched in three or two folds. The drapes hang on drapery rods with pins. Pinch pleated coverings were not designed for opening or closing windows and doors. They give an appropriate accent for room decoration.

12) Floral curtains

Floral print is one of the trends this year; many manufacturers have released a collection of fabrics with colorful natural ornaments. The main thing - do not overdo with it; floral patterns should not be too much and do not annoy by its presence. It is enough to select one or more of small details in the interior (in this case, curtains as we are talking about them) and make them accentual.

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